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Travel to the Isles of Scilly - there and back again!

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Spring has truly sprung on Scilly! The islands are awash with colour and scent from the scented narcissi and the days are lengthening and getting warmer.

Another sign of spring is the return of Scillionian 3 after her winter break and, with just over a week before she sails back to St Mary’s, it seemed a good time to jot down a few words about travelling to Crebinick.

We often get asked what our guests should book first; their transport or their accommodation? Our advice is that ,if you’d like to stay with us at Crebinick B&B on a particular date, give us a call first and we can let you know if your dates are available and we can hold the room for you whilst you book your transport.

At the moment, Isles of Scilly Travel is the only place to book your transport to the island, unless you are lucky enough to have your own plane or boat! You can book your transport online or by telephoning them, which is sometimes a better option if your requirements are a bit complicated. If you live close to Penzance you can even call into the office there and book in person.

As for the travel options, you have the choice to sail or to fly, each having their own advantages and disadvantages.

The Scillionian departs Penzance between 8am and 10.30am depending on the tides and the journey takes around 2 hours 45 minutes. Travelling by boat is the cheapest way of getting to the islands and so it is a popular choice, especially for families. The luggage allowance is bigger on the Scillionian too so it is a great choice for those who have sports equipment to bring, or just those, like me, who struggle to pack light!

The journey along the South Cornish coast gives you some fantastic views and if you keep your eyes peeled on the way across you might even spot some seabirds or even dolphins and porpoises. However, it does take a bit longer than flying and, if the seas are rough, it can be a bit of an adventure!

The return sailing is usually at 4.30pm which means that you really can make the most of your departure day; there is even time for a visit to an off island before boarding the Scillonian, if you want a bit of extra boating on your last day.

In May half term and August, Isles of Scilly Travel operates 2 outward Scillonian sailings per day; the later sailing is a great option if you have a long mainland journey down to Penzance.

Skybus, the islands’ airline flies from Land’s End and Newquay all year round and from Exeter from March to November. With flight times of 60 minutes from Exeter, 30 minutes from Newquay and only 20 minutes from Land’s End, it is a great choice for those who want greater flexibility of departure times and to get to the islands faster. It does cost quite a bit more than the Scillionian but you get amazing aerial views of the mainland, albeit very brief is you fly from Land’s End, and of the Isles of Scilly on approach to St Mary’s. Sometimes you can even spot sunfish and basking sharks, as you pass by above.

If you fancy a bit of both, Isles of Scilly Travel also offers fly/sail packages from March to November.

In terms of car parking, there are a number of companies that provide parking for Scillonian passengers. The airports at Land’s End, Newquay and Exeter all have parking which can be booked alongside your flights.

When you make land on St Mary’s, if you have come by boat, you will have been given tags for your luggage and, if you have marked these with “Crebinick “and “St Mary’s “, your luggage will be delivered to our door, for a small fee payable to the carrier. A return collection of your luggage can also be arranged. Crebinick House is a level 5 minute walk from the quay.

If you are flying, you will be met at the airport by the Skybus transport, which will bring you and your luggage to our door, for a small fee payable to the transport company and they will also arrange a pick up for your departure day.

Either way, we are very happy for you to leave your luggage with us at Crebinick until it is collected, which leaves you free to enjoy your last day without being encumbered with your heavy bags.

If there is anything else you want to know about travelling to the beautiful Isles of Scilly, give us a call here at Crebinick and we will be happy to help.

Kelly and Kevin

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